Notification on the Setup of Sino-Hungary Academic Research Platform 
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Notification on the Setup of Sino-Hungary Academic Research Platform

To whom it may concern,

With a view to deepening international academic exchanges between NAU and University of Pécs, the two Schools has come to an agreement about co-building academic research platform. In this context, Sino-Hungarian Academic Research and Cultural CenterSARCCon November 5, 2013 issued the profiles of co-operative Hungary teachers for the reference of NAU teachers to choose their partner. With recommendations by teachers themselves and their respective Colleges, SARCC, based on the researchers’ orientations, has set up nine research teams covering such domains as comparative research in accounting and auditing regulations, knowledge management and intellectual capital management, startup financing and crowdfunding, legislative update of civil procedure law, and enterprise law, etc. The team information shall be publicized at NAU and University of Pécs contemporaneously. Hungary researchers’ essential messages have been delivered to NAU researchers by email, so those concerned can contact Hungary partners in a timely manner in order to start bilateral cooperation and research as soon as possible for early outcomes.                                                                 Hereby announced.

                                                                              Sino-Hungarian Academic Research and Cultural Center (SARCC)