Yao  Juan
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Associatr Professor of Economic

School of Economic and Trade

Nanjing Audit University

No.86 West Yuchan Road

Pukou District,Nanjing,211815

Jiangsu Province ,P.R.China



Sep.2001 - March.2011 Visiting Scholar in Stuttgart University Germany, majoring in supply management .

Sep.2005 Dec.2008Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering.Hehai University,majoring

Sep.2000June.2004M.A.in Management Science and Engineering,Schoolof Economicsand Management,Southeast University, majoring

Sep.1984- June.1988B.A.in computer software,NanjingUniversity of Science and Technology


MARCH.2001- School fo Economic,Nanjing Audit University,Associate Professor



Logistice Managment

Supply Chain Management

Enterprise source Planning


Research Interests

Losgictics and Supply Chain Manegeent

Electronic Commerce Management



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