Wenyuan Sun
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Professor of Economics

School of Economics and Trade

Nanjing Audit University

No. 86 West Yushan Road

Pukou District, Nanjing, 211815

Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

Email: sun4628@126.com



2005 Ph.D. in World Economics, Nankai University,

1999 M.S. in International Trade, Nanjing University,

1994 B.S. in Management Engineering, FuxinInstitute of Mining


Oct. 2011- Nanjing Audit University, Professor

Oct. 2005- Sep. 2011 Nanjing Audit University, Associate Professor

April 2000- Sep. 2005 Nanjing Audit University, Lecturer

Sep. 1994- April 2000 Technical University, Teaching Assistant


International Economics


International Trade Practice



Trade Policy

The impact of trade on employment



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1. Implementation Mechanism, Effect and Enlightenment of Strategic Trade Policy under the Multilateral Trade System, supported by Education Bureau of JiangsuProvince05SJB790018, 2005.9-2007.12 (completed), Role: PI

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